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Can you Get Car Insurance if you don’t have a Driving License?

However, if you have an old car whose market value is negligible, you can go for a third party car insurance policy. If you are not happy with the fundamental vehicle insurance policy coverage, you could avail add-on covers. Driving the Automobile Now you understand that having a valid driving permit is mandatory to submit a claim for your own insurance policy. But, it's not mandatory to be able to obtain a car insurance plan. It is possible to go through various types of auto insurance plans and choose the best plan to cover different risk factors concerning automobile, driver, passengers and third-party damages.
Auto insurance
Comprehensive Insurance Policy
Characteristics of this Learner's Driving License In Brief In the event the vehicle is driven by an unlicensed driver, there'll be a risk to the driver, your vehicle and third party. Although it isn't guaranteed that there won't be any road accident once the car is powered by a qualified driver, it decreases the threat to a certain degree. Additionally, it makes the claim petition valid.
Issued with a Competent Authority - The Learner's Driving License is issued by a competent jurisdiction.
Valid throughout the Nation - The student's license issued by any State or Union Territory is valid in all other States and Union Territories across the Nation.
Validity - The student's permit is valid for up to 6 weeks from the date of issue.
Essential to Permanent License - The Learner's Driving License holder is eligible to apply for a permanent driving permit. That being said, he/she needs to pass the driving test in order to acquire the permanent driving permit.
There can be cases where your vehicle could be driven by someone who holds a Learner's Driving License. In these scenarios, the learner should be accompanied by a person who holds the legal driving license. Here is the learner's test information that you must understand: After getting the Learner's Driving License, the applicant is eligible to drive the automobile. The student must paste'L' alphabet in the front side and rear of the automobile to notify the commuters.
3 copies of passport photographs of the offender.
Proof of Age - Any one of the following records can be submitted as a proof of age.
Morning certificate issued by the Registrar of births.
SSC (Secondary School Certificate) issued by the State Board of Secondary Education or equivalent.
PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card issued by Income Tax Department, Government of India.
Passport issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
Proof of Home - Any of These documents can be submitted as proof of residence:
Voter Identity Card
Ration Card
Aadhaar Card
Income Tax Returns
Utility bill (Electricity or Water or Telephone)
Coordinated Evaluation - The first step is a written The test comprises of 10 questions and the length of the test is 10 minutes. The test paper is about traffic rules and regulations and street signs. To be able to pass the exam, the applicant should get a minimum of 6 marks.
If the candidate fails the exam, he/she could re-attempt the exam after 7 days.
When the applicant passes the exam, he will be qualified to obtain the Learner's Driving License. It will be sent to his/her residential address.
After getting the Learner's Driving License, the offender may make an application to your permanent driving permit.
The third party auto insurance program is the simple car insurance plan you may purchase from any insurer. It will suit your legal responsibility plus it makes you qualified to push your vehicle on public streets with no difficulties. Third-party Motor Insurance Car Insurance Policy The insurance plan fulfils your liability arising from the third party damages in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. Invalid Insurance Claim Comprehensive Motor Insurance The next step is to procure the permanent driving permit.
Safety of Driver/Passengers - No coverage is provided for passengers / driver in the vehicle.
Safety of Automobile - No coverage is provided for own damages caused to the vehicle.
So as to push public streets of India, it's mandatory to purchase car insurance and fulfil your own legal responsibility. You need to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to be able to safeguard yourself against the financial risks associated with road accidents. Driving Permit is a record that makes you eligible to drive on the Indian roads. If you drive on Indian roads with no Driving Permit, you might be penalized. When a vehicle is driven by a licensed driver, it ensures that the driver is capable of exercising complete control of the automobile and the driver will follow the road signs and traffic regulations and rules. What's the Learner's Driving License? As the name suggests, a comprehensive insurance policy offers coverage to the insured automobile, driver and passengers. Additionally, it fulfils the third-party liability. Qualification Criteria for Learner's Driving License These records are required to apply for a learner's permit: You should be aware of the terms and conditions of the claims process so you are able to get the most out of your automobile insurance policy plan. If the rider or driver of this third party automobile is hurt or passed out in the crash, the insurance company will cover the damages.
Vehicle with Gear - If the applicant has to push a vehicle with equipment, he/she must be18 years old or over.
Vehicle with no Gear - When the applicant has to drive a car without gear, he/she needs to be16 years old or over.
Awareness of Traffic Rules - The applicant should Know about the traffic rules in order to apply for the Learner's Driving License.
Here are the exclusions of third-party insurance: At the period of buying car insurance policy, you have to submit the necessary documents like vehicle registration copy, identity verification and speech proof etc.. If you do not own a valid Driving License and you'll drive the car, then you have to get it without any delay. Could you receive Car Insurance if you do not have a Driving License? The applicant must have the Learner's Driving License for a minimum of 30 days prior to applying for a permanent Driving License. Here are the attributes of the Learner's Driving License:
Coverage for Driver - The insurance program will cover the risk linked to the injury or death of their driver. The insurance policy will be offered to the owner of the car (if he drives the car with a legal permit ) or another driver (who possesses a valid driving permit ).
Coverage for passenger - The insurance policy offers coverage for those passengers in accordance with the potential of the vehicle. If you are insuring a huge vehicle whose capability would be 7 passengers or more (including the driver), then you will need to pay an improved premium to pay for all the passengers.
Coverage to Own Damage - If your vehicle is damaged in an crash, the repair costs will be covered. The coverage will be supplied according to the IDV i.e. Insured Declared Value of the vehicle as stated in the insurance policy.
Coverage for Third-Party - The insurance policy will pay for the third party damages/ accidents.
Now that you understand everything about the Driving License, let's proceed to auto insurance. There are two kinds of auto insurance plans provided by car insurance companies in India. Documents Needed for Learner's Driving License Permanent Driving Permit Requirements The insurance carrier will follow the guidelines of the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Authority of India). In accordance with the guidelines, it is mandatory for the automobile driver to have a legitimate Driving License. Hence, in the event the individual who was driving the vehicle at the right time of this mishap didn't have the license, the claim will be rejected from the insurance company.
Copy of insurance policy
Duplicate of the Automobile registration certificate
Duplicate of FIR
Copy of Driving Permit (of Whoever was driving in the time of the injury )
Duly full claim kind
Initial Inspection of repairs
These documents should be submitted to the insurer: Before devoting the dialing Permit, the concerned jurisdiction difficulties the Learner's Driving License. Exclusions of Third-Party Insurance Note -You ought to be fully aware of the stipulations of the insurance plan. If you are the owner of the vehicle, you should have a valid driving permit when you push the car. If your car is driven by your family member, he/she should possess a valid driving license when they drive the car. Learner's Test
Learner's Driving Permit - The Learner's License Number should be packed in the application form.
Fee Payment - It Ought to Be paid in the RTO. The fees include the license fee along with the smart card fee.
Driving Skill Evaluation - The applicant should pass the driving skill test at the RTO premises.
Biometrics and Photo - When the applicant enters the driving skill evaluation, his/her biometrics and photo will be captured in the RTO.
Smart Card - The driving permit card will be dispatched to the residential address of the offender.
Importance of Driving Permit In case you've got a comprehensive insurance program and your car or truck is involved in an collision, you will have to file the auto insurance policy claim with the insurance carrier. If you will need the complete protection of your vehicle, you should buy a comprehensive insurance program.

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